Thursday, 8 June 2017


In room 2 we have been learning about shapes and all the different types of names. We each got to make polygons out of shapes I made a dinosaur. The hard part about it was using a little bit of the shapes to try and make something. The easy part was  finding all the shapes to make this Dinosaur. My next step is to make a person out of shapes.😄😆😅


  1. Hi Payton.
    You did a great blog post.
    I liked your dinosaur.
    Did you enjoy making your dinosaur ?

  2. Hi Payton
    It is Maddison from Yaldhurst Model School.
    Did you have fun making it was the whole class doing it or was it just you?
    did everyone do a dinosaur with it or just you?
    From Maddison
    P.S. I liked you emoji's

  3. Hello Payton,
    that looks like you have done a good job making a creature with shapes/polygons.
    Also, what IS a polygon?

    From Jacob M,
    at Yaldhurst School

  4. a polygon is a character made out of shapes

  5. Hi Payton.My name is Kingston.I like how you used those shapes to make a dinosaur its a pretty creative mind you got.I want to make shapes makeing stuff like you