Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My descriptive piece of writing

My descriptive piece of writing
It's another day, but a different day. A day that I will never forget. I find myself looking around for food but I spot something, something different. I quickly fly down so I can take a look, I don't know what it is but I try it out anyway. I find myself getting tangled up, I can't breathe. I’m Panicking, sqreaching, out of control. I find some air so I can breath, but I still can not find my whole way out…   I'm trapped. My body suffocating in this plastic nightmare. I don't think I will ever get out of this mess. Im confused on which way to get out of this disaster.

My other piece of writing

Just look at the bird it probably won't die soon because it can
breathe but it will suffer and  probably won't
get to fly, or jump of in the water or to do an thing a bird is free to do, it might later on die from
suffocating, but thats unless somebody helped it out. Plastic takes 10 years to break down and that's a longs
time for the bid to get out of that plastic. Let's also look at the rubbish behind it, what if it was stuck in
some of that it probably would die. It makes me feel sad, nervous every kind of emotion because I know
this is happening to more birds and even sea animals like turtles, and dolphins. I do not know the story
behind this but I would like to know, I already think I know what had happened and how that poor bird
got him or herself caught in it but i'm pretty sure it was just a mistake, and i'm sure who ever took this photo
help the bird out and took the plastic bag off it. How do you feel about this picture what do you think happened.
I had realized a lot in this picture yes you can see the bird trapped in this rubbish bag and it doesn't look like
it having a hard time but also like I said in the start all the rubbish behind this bird, I also said this in the start
but what if it was trapped in one of those pieces, do you think you would have the same reaction or maybe a
different one.

This week room 5 and 6 have written a different piece of writing called descriptive, and we have been set 4 tasks, 1. write about this picture 2. what does it make you think or feel 3. what is happening and 4. what is the story behind this picture. The hard part about this was writing a descriptive because I've never written a descriptive piece. Thank you for reading my piece of writing please comment back on what you think I should fix and I hope you enjoy.

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  1. This is a very thoughtful piece of writing Payton and you have raised some important issues. We will work on descriptive language more, writing that includes similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, adjectives etc. Great writing though.